Text Box: CardioWebinars during COVID19

08/04/2020             Dr Vishal Luther (ST7 EP)                         SVTs - ECG tips & Tricks

14/04/2020             Dr Chris Cook (ST6 Intervention)           TAVI for the general cardiologist

16/04/2020             Dr Syed Gardezi (ST6 HF)                         Advanced heart failure and Mechanical circulatory support

21/04/2020             Dr Brian Halliday (ST7 Imaging)             Genetic testing in the diagnosis and management of DCM

23/04/2020             Dr Manish Kalla (Cons EP)                       Channelopathies for the general cardiologist

24/05/2020             Dr Boon Lim (Cons EP)                              Syncope - diagnosing and managing the non cardiac cause

28/04/2020             Prof Nick Curzen (Cons Inter)                 The ISCHEMIA trial

30/04/2020             Dr Rasha Al Lamee (Cons Interv)           IRAS, REC, DSMB??...The ABC’s of developing a clinical study

01/05/2020             Dr Sukh Nijjer (Cons Intervention)        The A-Z of Coronary Physiology

05/05/2020             Dr Guy Lloyd (Cons Imaging)                  Aortic stenosis. - How to assess?

07/05/2020             Prof Andrew Clark (Cons HF)                  The less common causes of Heart failure

12/05/2020             Dr Ee Ling Heng (Post CCT CHD)             Emergency presentations in the Congential Heart disease patient

14/05/2020             Dr Bushra Rana (Cons Imaging)             Mitral Valve disease for the general cardiologist

15/05/2020             Prof Andrew Sharp (Cons Interv)           The European Guidelines on hypertension - key messages

19/05/2020             Dr Arjun Ghosh (Cons Cardio-Onc)       Cardio-oncology for the general cardiologist

21/05/2020             Dr Archana Rao (Cons HF/Devices)       Indications for ICD and CRT for the general cardiologist

22/05/2020             Dr Kate Von Klemperer (Cons CHD)      Aortic disease for the general cardiologist

26/05/2020             Dr Abtehale Al-hussaini (Cons Interv)  MINOCA for the general cardiologist

28/05/2020             Dr Amanda Varnava (ICC Consultant)  Sports Cardiology for the general cardiologist

02/06/2020             Dr Tushar Kotecha (Cons Interv PHT)   Pulmonary Hypertension for the general cardiologist

04/06/2020             Dr James Oliver (Cons CHD)                    Common congenital cardiology conditions

Text Box: Updated 29/04/2020